98 % Winning Tricks on Roulette in 1xBet

98 % Winning Tricks on Roulette game in 1xBet

In this post, I will explain “98 % of Winning Tricks on Roulette game in 1xBet”. Will explain step by step procedure. 

Let’s Start ..!

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Step 1:

Login in “1xBet” with your credentials. After login page will display like this :

1xbet Registration

Note: Still you not registered in 1xBet, do the registration using the following steps

  1. For 1xBet Registration:  Casino Roulette
  2. Enter promo code : GetMoney1xBet  (use promo code for registration/deposit money time -> you will get  BONUS up to Rs:10,000/- )
  3. Then Click the Register button

Step 2: 

Then click on the “Casino” tab/link on the menu list, and the page displays like this:

Casino Games


Step 3:

After clicking on “CASINO” link/button from the menu list, Then the page will display like this :

1xbet Casino games


Step 4:

From the all CASINO games list  ➜ select “ROULETTE” Option 

1xBet game winning tricks


Step 5:

After Clicking on “ROULETTE” page looks like

Casino 1xbet Roulette Dashboard


Step 6: 

After Clicking on “ROULETTE” ➦ the board page looks like

Casino games

Let’s explain the ROULETTE sheet:

  1. The ROULETTE is played on a wheel that consists of thirty-seven slots, each with its own number. The numbers on a Roulette wheel are 1-36, and 0.
  2. For Complete Rules Book : Click Here –> CASINO-Roulette-Rules


Step 7: 

Main Logic 98% winning chance  read the following content

King of casino

Step 8:

  1. Fix the bet value (Example: ₹  10 or  $ 10)
  2. In this sheet “Select any 12 random numbers” in red color.
  3. Click on the “Black ” color  18 times.

roulette board strategies

Step 9:

  1. Now click on “Spin” button

CASINO board

Step 10:

See the here Result:

Winning Tips of roullette

Step 11:

Winning Amount 21.6 :  Total Deposit 18 ₹  :- Random Red color numbers (12 x 0.6 = 7.2 ₹ ) + Black Color 18 times (18 x 0.6 = 10.8 ₹)

???????? Winning Tips

Step 12: 

This the logic to  98% winning chance in “Roulette game


Bonus Noting:

  1. If you want to bet double amount then see the following screen:

Spin games



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